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The Cocktail Stories

Hollywood screenwriters share stories about their favorite cocktails in this dramatic ­musical show. The tales are set to music by Helix Collective and the audience chooses which “drink” to hear next. During the show, a Jack and Coke can lead you to a yachting trip with a jazz trio in tow. An Irish coffee becomes a whirlwind of Irish and Colombian music and toasts. After everyone has had a few beers, a drinking song is bound to break out. Share an fun intimate evening of drinks, music, and great stories! 

Ensemble: Flute, Oboe, Piano/Keyboard, Marimba

These are great musicians producing something that I guarantee you’ve never heard before– lively, joyous, surprising, and thoroughly entertaining music.” -MusesMuse 

World Dance Club

Helix hosts the world’s first classical dance club! The group performs dance music from all over the world while providing quickie dance lessons throughout the show. Before the night is out, people who have never danced before will be up and dancing to Bollywood, Bluegrass, Salsa, Klezmer, and Renaissance! It’s a lightning-speed trip around the world, so wear your dancing shoes and get ready to party! 

Ensemble: Flute, Oboe, Piano/Keyboard, Drumset 

“Helix Collective creates compelling, insistent, thoroughly modern music with a resolutely acoustic (even proudly classical) band of kick-ass outsider oboe, flute, piano, and percussion virtuosi”  -Audiophile Audition

L.A. Stories

Love. Droughts. Movie Stars. Arriving from a distant land. L.A. Stories brings together local poets, writers, composers, and musicians to celebrate the beauty and diversity of Los Angeles. This music and storytelling show creates vignettes within the city about surviving and thriving in L.A.  We all share this city but it looks different from every vantage point.

Ensemble: Flute, Oboe, Piano, Marimba 

“—recommended for fine musicianship and beyond-the-ordinary programming.”   – Audiophile Audition

All in

All In celebrates our classical trio roots. The concert includes charming miniatures by William Grant Still, a Vaudeville-Meets-Classical trio by Madeleine Dring, and the original Pharmacy: Six Medications for flute, oboe, and piano by Phil Popham. This performance can be performed as a “choose your own adventure” with the audience selecting each movement as an item from our colorful, musical menu. 

Ensemble: Flute, Oboe, Piano

“Dizzyingly virtuosic with exquisite musicianship and world-class range”  -The Free Times

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