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Our Mission is a Thriving Artistic Community

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable community of multi-disciplinary, multi-genre artists working together to create accessible, immersive works of art.  We strive to bring joy, connection, solace, and understanding to a diverse audience. 

Helix Collective is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Help us bring this vision to life with your donation! All donations are tax-deductible. 

Monthly Donations

Join the Helix Hive as a monthly supporter you receive a choice of thank you gifts from our Helix Swag Store + exclusive backstage videos + our full video concerts after the show. 

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As artists living and working in Los Angeles, we are committed to making our work affordable and accessible to audiences of all incomes from diverse communities and neighborhoods. That’s why our ticket prices are always affordable and you’ll find us performing in both concert halls and casual spaces. We always want our audience to feel welcome. 

Raj Jawa

monthly donor, film director, and LA Live Score Film Festival alumni z
“What I appreciate about what Helix Collective does is they're bridging that divide and bringing creatives together. It's almost like it's the Helix Collective house and all creatives are welcome. So that's why I donate. I donate because I want to be a part of that.”

Brittany Gash

Helix Collective Board Member
“Helix Collective's programming fills a major gap in the local musical landscape. With the Live Film Score Festival and L.A. Stories, Helix provides a platform for artists to tell their unique stories through music, film, and spoken word - all while managing to keep concerts affordable and accessible to a diverse audience.”

Muse’s Muse

These are great musicians producing something that I guarantee you’ve never heard before– lively, joyous, surprising, and thoroughly entertaining music…” 

Supporting Artists

Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival 

Our annual live score-to-screen film festival takes open submissions from film composers at all levels of their career from aspiring to established composers. The opportunity to have their scores performed live by Helix Collective at the screening provides them with a platform to share their work with the film community and broaden the audience for their music. Helix works with film schools to curate short films for the festival, providing an invaluable opportunity for young directors and a learning experience in collaboration on music for their film. 

Jonathan Keith

Composer, Pulling Back the Curtain 2019, LA Live Score Film Festival 2018
“I’m very appreciative of all the work Helix Collective does to spotlight composers and encourage collaborations! It brings our community together and reminds us that we are all just friends making music here together supporting each other.” 

Savannah Sivert

director, LA Live Score Film Festival 2018
“My collaboration with my composer has deepened my understanding of how to use music as a tool in storytelling.”

Lanyue Zhang

director after his win for Best Picture at the 2018 LALSFF
“I’m thrilled and excited! Now I have great expectations about launching into more film festivals.”

Film Music Connect

Co-produced by SAGindie and Helix Collective, this workshop provides a valuable learning experience for film directors and composers to work together in a collaborative setting. Helix Collective guides filmmakers and composers through the process of selecting a collaborator, communicating during the composition process through the final recording. Filmmakers and composers are provided with a soundtrack recorded by Helix Collective for use in their films.

Brent Katz

director, Future Fred, 2021 Film Music Connect film
“Working with Helix Collective was an amazing experience. They gave me a choice of fantastic composers and I ended up with a score that was better than anything I could have imagined.  I want to make another film as soon as possible just so I can work with the team over there again.”

Mandy Fabian

director, 2020 Film Music Connect Participant
“The Film Music Connect workshop was really invaluable for finding the tools to effectively communicate with our composer.” 

James Rose

director on the Film Music Connect Workshop 2020
"One of the most informative and helpful seminars I’ve ever attended online. The lessons learned were invaluable."

Highlighting New Works by Diverse Composers

Our concerts feature aspiring and established film, music, and television composers, female composers, and composers from diverse backgrounds. These unique live music events provide a platform and highlight composers who would otherwise rarely have the opportunity to have their original work heard on the concert stage. Concerts include Women Composers in Media, Pulling Back the Curtain (featuring soundtrack team members), and SPOTLIGHT! with the Composers Diversity Collective.  

Composers Diversity Collective

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