April 10, 2021

Announcing our Film Music Connect 2021 Workshop with SAGindie

Following a workshop by Helix Collective’s Phil Popham on choosing the right composer and music for your film, directors will get to choose your composer from a pre-vetted list and create an original score for your film. We will guide you through the process of watching composer reels, meeting composers, making your final selection, and communicating with your music team. 

You’ll work together to create music that is ideally suited to your project. The composer will score the soundtrack for Helix Collective, a 6-member ensemble with winds, strings, piano, and percussion. The score will be professionally recorded for use in your film. 

Guiding you through the process is Helix Collective, a non-profit organization that has produced the Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival for seven years and has worked with over 50 film composers and directors on original scores. Working with SAGindie, we’re experts in the composer / filmmaker collaborative process and will help your project sing with a beautifully customized, original soundtrack. 

Link: https://www.sagindie.org/resources/music/connect/