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Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival

Barnsdall Gallery Theatre

​​Helix Collective‘s Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival features short films with original scores performed live-to-picture by Helix Collective.

Winning festival film composers and filmmakers are paired by Helix Collective to create an original score for performance at the festival. The film is screened with the score performed live by the renowned performance and recording ensemble, Helix Collective. Before the screening, the panel includes an interview with each filmmaker and composer pair about their collaborative process. Awards for Best Picture and Best Musical Score are presented at the close of the festival.

The 2022 festival signature sponsors are the L.A. Film School, Orange Tree Samples,  and Sonic Fuel Studios. Additional festival supporters including the Alliance for Women Film Composers and the Academy of Scoring Arts.

Now in it’s seventh season, LALSFF’s goal is to highlight the role of collaboration between composers and filmmakers. Acting like a talent agent, the festival brings experts in the two disciplines together. At the screenings, filmmakers and composers hear and see the work of new colleagues, meet new collaborators, and establish working relationships with each other. Helix Collective proves it is possible to have talented, experienced film musicians play and record for independent films!

West Hollywood, CA

October 23, 2022

MUSIC WITH A MOVIE CAMERA музыка с кино-аппаратом

Fiesta Hall, West Hollywood

This concert features our 10-piece film-music ensemble, performing original soundtracks from the 1920-60s by composers from countries which formerly comprised the Soviet Union. The program presents music from iconic films including  "Man with a Movie Camera,"  one of the earliest depictions of the cities of Ukraine on film, "The Cranes are Flying," and "The Snowstorm." Film highlights will accompany the music.

This concert is dedicated to our neighbors in West Hollywood. The program is supported in part by an arts grant from the City of West Hollywood and by a grant from the L.A. County Department of Arts and Culture. 

Tickets will be available in Fall, 2022. Find more information about the concert location in West Hollywood below.

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